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sks's tank redo



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Latest image now is:


As you can see, I'm finally getting the lawn that I wanted, it would not have been possible with the older system. I'm glad I took the plunge.

Had to move clown loaches back, they did not like the 6' and when I moved them back they had White Spot. The tank has been under 5 days of WS treatment, which I am sure is not good for the plants but they seem to tolerant it. WS is disappearing off the clowns now, so they will make a full recovery.

I am thinking of getting rid of the aquatronica controller since it serves very little use to me. I've taken the pH probe out and I'm sure the hydro heater has a good enough thermostat.


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I'm over the moon about it, first time I get a decent lawn, never managed it with the previous system, algae always got the upper hand.

The cabombas are not suppose to be there, they are used to make up the plant mass when the tank was starting up, now they are used as sleeping quarters for my shy debauwi catfish and clown loaches.

My theme for this tank is grass, grass and more grass. I will remove the cabombas soon and let nature take its course. All I will be doing is:

1) weekly - or maybe fortnightly water changes, 1/3 of tank water (no need for 1/2)
2) cleaning of cannister filters (wash bio media in tank water, replace filter wool)
3) feed fish
4) clean and refill drop checker

and that's it. Dosing is automated and is an all in one dosing. I will let the plants "sort" themselves out.


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Additional images with macro lens, previous photo was no so good:


as you can see the tenellus are really starting to go to town and I should have a nice and dense lawn.


the blyxas were only keeping to their original height but now have exceeded it and starting to send flowering stems too


the glosso like plants are four leaf clover, I've been told that they lose their shape when grown submerged, I have micro sags at the front, use to be plagued by a bit of hair algae, squire of diluted excel fixed that. I don't ever intend to use excel on a permanent basis.


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TDI-line and Mark,

Like I was saying when I was rudely interrupted (the offending posts were deleted by someone): I'M NOT A SCAPER.

This thread was just a notebook kept in cyberspace to record my results and any problems I may encounter. My purpose was only to do one thing: create a lawn and minimalise algae. Everyone else was doing it, in all manner of ways, and since I've never done that in the past it was obvious I was doing something wrong or listening to the wrong philosophy.

Strange you should say that it's coming on nicely Mark because, alas, my larger amazon swords are probably going to take over, my HC will die off due to lack of space and being put in the shade, and my Blyxa Japonica have melted away due to be shaded and their space invaded. I know I should prune but I'm just letting nature take its course and see.


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11 Jul 2007
Chicago, USA
mindscape100 said:
It is coming along nicely, at the moment Im dosing flourish but im wanting to take take the leap with EI im just a bit worried about the initial cost of the ingredients needed?!

Huh??? Check paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article and then get back to me...viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1211


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