Slating planted tanks!

Discussion in 'Off Topic / Chit-Chat' started by Azaezl, 12 Apr 2008.

  1. Azaezl

    Azaezl Member

    Well my husband's criticism has really made me chuckle today! He doesn't understand the attraction to planted tanks, he thinks they look ok but nothing special, so of course I'm always showing him people's tanks and saying look at this, it's amazing!, just to try and change his perception of how good they are. Then when we were in Maidenhead Aquatics in Peterborough a few weeks back I pointed out the little planted setup they had with all the JBL stuff and his words - 'that's crap, I could do better then that' I tried to explain to him that it was probably newly setup and needed time to grow that you don't always get amazing looking scapes straightaway, etc etc. He put on one of his comical camp voices and said 'oh no it is good, honest, it just needs to grow and then it won't be crap anymore' then I challenged him to do better coupled with evil glances but he dropped it.

    A little while ago today out of the blue he suddenly said 'I'll setup your next tank if you want' well I was shocked, he's deadly serious but no way am I letting him fiddle with my 2 4ft tanks, esp. with all the time / planning I'm putting into it not to mention the money. So I told him once I set them up I'll be getting an arcadia tank and then he can have my old 5G to play around with. I've warned him though that I will post pictures on here for you all to criticise :lol: he may surprise me and do a good job but if he botches it then maybe it will finally teach him to appreciate the time & effort that goes into the scapes.

    Now for the funny part, I was showing him that ADA booklet I got free with my AE order and showed him all the nature aquarium gallery pics none of which impressed him. I figured the huge aquarium would impress on scale alone never mind how amazing it looks, I was wrong. This is exactly what he said;

    Him - "It just looks like one of those window boxes you get and when you go on holiday it overgrows and looks a bit mad"

    Me - giggling "It's just a little bit bigger then a window box" I turn the page and show him how big it is, and still he was not impressed

    Him - "is that his house? where does he sleep? on that bench like a tramp? Spent all his money on a tank and didn't think to get a bed,*tuts jokingly* I don't know, you plant people! you're crazy!"

    Me - "well I think it's fantastic and you just don't realise how much effort has been put into it......" I go on for about 5 mins trying to get him to appreciate it.

    Him grinning - "you and your frigging plants"

    Hmmmm maybe it wasn't that funny, guess it was one of those had to be there moments :)

    I hope letting him mess around with my 5G later in the year may trigger a reaction and get him interested, then we can fill the house with tanks! :p I'm tempted to let him have the 5G sooner as it'll be interesting to see what he does with it.
  2. George Farmer

    George Farmer Founder Staff Member

    My wife thinks my aquascapes are crap...

    Interesting you mention MA @ Peterborough.

    I will be doing an aquascaping demo there, in front of an audience sometime in late summer before I disappear for 4 months.

    Maybe you could bring him along and he could teach me a few things... 8) I would be good to see you both there, nevertheless.
  3. Lisa_Perry75

    Lisa_Perry75 Member

    Got to love spouses for their support :lol:

    Me and my fiance fell out quite badly cos he was trying to tell me how to do my planted tank. I was like seriously, you don't know what your talking about!!! Thing is we are both so stubborn these fricas don't go well...
    If he tells me one more time to put the fish in I may just slap him..
  4. Azaezl

    Azaezl Member

    Just let me know the date George and I'll be there, can't gurantee he will as he may have an aikido(martial art) lesson as they usually have summer classes and he has the keys to one of the places so can't really miss it.

    I'm glad Nick isn't like your fiance Lisa, it would drive me mad if he kept suggesting things, he knows not to interfere anymore, last time I let him be involved I ended up with 2 bichirs and 4 gouramis that I didn't want! He does sit and listen to me go on and on and on about fish / plant stuff and he does take it in as he asks questions & does comment on stuff, just usually in a comical way such as amanos 'window box'!

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