smart fishtanks: bull or not? seems like it..

Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by Jack12, 12 Oct 2015.

  1. Jack12

    Jack12 Member

    considering how little the cost cost is. Makes me think its more of a marketing gimmick at this stage of tech development cause software development itself would run into millions alone not to take into account the sensors that will be required to control the environment. This been said, they raised quote a bit already...

    I saw this article a couple of days ago. What do u guys think?
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  2. Roman B

    Roman B Member

    Looks cool for emersed setup.
    But I hate on everything that is smartphone controlled probably gonna be buggy as well if something will stop working you're screwed to tear it apart for replacement .
  3. OllieNZ

    OllieNZ Member

    Witney, UK
  4. Bacms

    Bacms Member

    I like the idea but my main problem with this system is they often do not provide you with any specs on the equipment that is included and the marketing is always "create the perfect biosystem without any maintance"....good luck with that

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