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Snails surface skating

10 Jun 2007
Dorset, UK
In case you've not seen this before, snails really do skate around on the surface! This little (1.5cm) Leopard Ramshorn snail really seems to love it and does it whenever hes not feeding or sleeping! He adjusts his buoyancy by taking more/less air into his shell.. this allows him to remain neutrally buoyant so he can hang onto the surface tension with is foot.

He really whizzes about in the current, sometimes hanging upside down for ages until he runs into something. He also uses his body as a 'sail' to catch the current if he wants to move to another place, its pretty extraordinary to watch

Please excuse the poor focus, hes too fast to setup the tripod! Also, all that surface film comes from my tap water and is visible like this on water change days, so please excuse that as well.



Who says inverts are boring!!!?!


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