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Discussion in 'Aquarium Gardens' started by jarcher1390, 11 Dec 2018.

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    6 Aug 2012
    I'm not one to normally leave a review, however this time I feel my experience may benefit others. who are worried about what customer service you may receive.

    As someone who orders online most of the time as there are no decent plant shops in Cumbria or a sensible driving distance from me, I end up ordering online a lot. However, I've never ordered from Aquarium gardens before so was nervous as to what will arrive in what condition.

    When browsing online I saw that it was free delivery for orders over £50. Which was music to my ears as I was planning on spending roughly that amount anyways and was buying 3 litres of JBL soil. That added weight would have cost me £6.99 for Tracked delivery.
    Although I was going to opt for the free delivery, what are the chances of the parcel getting lost? So I decided upon tracked delivery at a reduced cost of £2.99, which seemed somewhat fair.

    On Monday morning when the parcel was estimated to arrive, I got an email from Royal Mail stating my parcel was ready to be delivered from my local delivery office at Douglas Isle Of Man depot. Although Isle of man is closer to me than Huntingdon, it's not what I'd say convenient for me in Cumbria. Anyways I decided to wait till the post just in case there was a mix up with their Royal Mails database. When it arrived there was no parcel. Yep, it was clear to me that it was indeed on the Isle Of Man.

    I promptly phoned up Aquarium gardens to discuss our next action. It was soon clear that it was solely Royal Mail fault, not theirs or even mine. Now, even though it was not their fault, they took it upon themselves to find out what happened, rectify the problem and informed me within 15 mins after our initial phone call. They also reassured me that if any damage was to come to the plants I had bought I would be sent fresh ones. I was informed that the parcel would be with me within two days at the most.

    This morning the package arrived (the day after they were in the isle of man) and all plants were in excellent condition as they were packaged very well. yes, I may have had to wait an extra day but that's no biggy, blahblahblahblah happens.

    Some say the mark of good service is that everything goes smoothly all the time. I say the mark of a good service is that when the inevitable mistake happens because of sod's law. The company resolves the issue, (especially noteworthy when that mistake isn't even theirs, to begin with!) in a quick and professional manner.

    Aquarium gardens, you now have another loyal customer.

    Cheers Guys!


    ps, the only problem with my order is that I should have ordered more Cryptocoryne costata :)
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