Soil with catfish

10 Mar 2018
Just moving house so it's time to set up my tank. I've cleared everything out and now have an empty clean tank.

Previously I had a mix
Colombo Flora Base Pro Coarse underneath with Colombo Flora Base Pro Fine on top then with Unipac Maui Coarse Quartz sand at the front.

The problem is my 3 peppered Cory's bred and went from 3 to about 20.
This makes it completely impossible to use a conventional mix of active soils and try and keep the tank looking clean and tidy.
There like little tanks the fine top soil gets everywhere, when I syphoned it all off it lasted about an hour.
They also smooth and level any sand stepper than about 10 degrees.

I was thinking about using crushed /fine alfagrog underneath at the back to get some height try and get a good flow of water and nutrients to the roots then Ada la plata sand or equivalent on top of everything.

Ideally I want about to be able to bank it up to about 200mm in places.
Possibly also add root tabs. Im hoping the alfagrog should help stabalise.

In the past I had really good results with just plain sand.
Has anyone tried anything similar?

Will it still be possible to move plants after there roots have entangled the alfagrog?

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