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Discussion in 'Aquarium Fert Dosing' started by tennis4you, 7 Jul 2008.

  1. tennis4you

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    7 Jul 2008
    I am a newbie to the planted aquarium world. I have been trying stuff for the last 12 months but none of that included CO2 yet. I have a 125g tank and 55g tank at home and a 30g tank at work. The 125g is where I have spent all my time though. It has nice lights, easy to grow plants and no CO2. It is doing OK. Nothing amazing, but OK.

    I read the DYI CO2 articles and I wanted to try it in the big tank but I have been told that a 125g would require a C)2 tank and not a DYI contraption to be of any good use. So... I have decided to try to plant my 30g at work and try the DYI CO2 method to test the waters.

    I use Seachrem's Flourish in my 125 and 30g tanks. When i introduce the CO2 in the 30g will I need to provide any other types of ferts? I really fall short in knowledge when it comes to the ferts. I do not know if Flourish is enough if I provide CO2 or not. I really know nothing and I was hoping someone could guide my ways.

    Awesome website here by the way. The pictures are awesome!

    Thank you,

  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Matt Holbrook-Bull Founder

    10 Jun 2007
    Dorset, UK
    125 gallon is pretty huge. Unless you manage to design some uber DIY CO2 system, youre never going to get enough to satisify a medium-high tech system. The 30 gallon, not anything like so much of a problem.

    I think youre going to have to consider full pressurised CO2 for the large if you decide on full high-tech.

    Seachem flourish is a very low fert dose solution, aimed at more the low tech (low light/no co2) setups. Probably worth looking at these articles to help you decide what you want out of things.

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