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Sorting my AE trace mix solution...


14 Nov 2008
On a mountain in the Highlands of Scotland

I need to make up a new batch of dosing solution from my dry trace fert's that i bought from AE a while ago.

I've never been sure on the rough amounts i should dissolve as the AE site instructions work from a "less is better - work up" principal and my tank doesnt respond quick enough to work these things out well enough.

I have low ish light - about 2wpg in old money but pressurised co2. So i work on a principal of 2 day EI, rather then the three day version.

The tank is about 174L but i tend to work things out for about 40 USG.

So - if i was mixing up 500ml of solution to dose twice in one week with 10ml roughly how much should i use?

Additionally my GH/KH have always been on the low side as i live in the lovely soft water area of edinburgh. They sit around 3/4... should be be adding extra calcium and magnesium? or just magnesium? or should i just not bother.

I am aware the AE trace mix is short of magnesium.

I have the calcium and magnesium sulphate ready in the house, i was just unsure if i needed it. If i do, can i just add it to the overall trace solution mix?

Thanks in advance,



19 Feb 2008
worksop, nottinghamshire
adding 15g to 250ml of water will give you about the same concentration as TPN - 10ml per 100l.

If you were to add calcium & magnesium, then just add a GH Booster which supplies both, and it adds the other metals to your water.
I wouldnt add the calcium and magnesium sulphate to the trace, as i am unsure on the chelator used unless someone else could clear that up.
I wouldnt add it unless your plants are showing signs in these defficiencies, but seen as you have it already it wouldnt do any harm...

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