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Space for only one tube...


7 Jan 2009
Hi all,

As some of you know I am a newbie on here. I only have space for one light tube in the top of my tank. I have not done a planted tank before and have only really kept fish with minimal planting and wood.

I am looking to do a sort of low tech setup, maybe use co2 if I can get away with it. Maybe use ferts but il post in another forum about that.

My current tank only has space for one light fitting in the hood as its oldish sort of setup(I will be upgrading tanks as soon as funds come around and I find one I like).

I was wondering what would be recommended to go in there, its a 36" tank. What would you guys recommend??

Also will it work trying to do a planted tank with just the one tube??

Currently I have an old arcadia, origional tropical tube. Dont know much about it.



New Member
14 Dec 2008
my first planted tank was the same as this.
i just used one of the standard starters and one of the gro bulbs.no chance in hell you get a carpet but stems grow ok and i had a nice big patch of spiral vals. if you can afford it i would try to up grade to the biggest t5ho you can fit as they seem to grow plants the best.
Good luck