sparkling gourami disappearing trick

Discussion in 'Fish' started by tzey, 16 Dec 2009.

  1. tzey

    tzey Newly Registered

    Hey there,

    One of my sparkling gouramis has gone missing over night.

    I can't even find a body!


    jumped out the tank - nothing on the floor
    sucked into the filter - nothing in the canister or impeller
    eaten by tank mates - other sparkling and a betta, could it be amano shrimps? kuhli loaches? Everything should be pretty well fed since i put in blood worm the night before
    simply died over night - can't find a body on the tank bottom?

    My tanks pretty full of plants so its hard to see everything at once but definitely one missing.

    Any suggestions?
  2. aquaticmaniac

    aquaticmaniac Member

    He might be dead/dying and hidden in the plants. This is pretty common.
    I would have another look around just in case. It's possible the little guy was ill in some way and died overnight. With that many fish/shrimp, I wouldn't doubt that a fish as small as a sparkling gourami would be consumed.

    Had you noticed any signs of illness or distress? I'd keep a close eye out for the sake of the other fish. Good luck :)

    *personal interest* Any photos of your tank and gouramis? They're one of my favourites :)
  3. tzey

    tzey Newly Registered

    yer, its just really frustating, as I can't change anything if I don't know the problem!

    No signs of disease and eating well the day before. Wish they were a bit bigger in these cases :)

    I'll try taking pics - they come out blurred usually as fish won't pose for me and my ancient digicam.
  4. AdAndrews

    AdAndrews Member

    Kidderminster, Worcs
    he could have died and been eaten by other fish, if he died pretty early on yesterday and you didnt notice, then if he's been dead for some time, the body would have decomposed pretty quickly in a healthy tank, that and your filter, could have wiped him out.
  5. SunnyP

    SunnyP Member

    Plecs are very good magicans for making dead fish disappear very quickly
  6. tzey

    tzey Newly Registered

    don't have any!

    On the plus side I've just counted about 7 babies woohoo.

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