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Spiky moss growth rate in low maintenance tank??

Mr Bee

14 Aug 2008
Wakefield, West Yorkshire
I added some spiky moss, on slate, about 3 weeks ago, and I was just wondering how long it is likely to take to get a nice bushy growth; it hasn't really grown yet that I can tell. I know its a slow grower, and the nature of my tank (see below) probably means it will grow even slower than usual, but does anyone have any ideas of what sort of growth over what timescale I could expect?

I have a fully mature 60L tank, with my spiky moss, a little java fern, and a ~2" cladophoria (sp?) algae ball. I do not use any ferts or any CO2, and I also don't have any lighting system, just whatever daylight it gets from the room. Its at the side of a patio door, so I can tilt the blinds so that direct daylight shines right onto it if that is likely to help? - or will that just encourage more algae to grow??

If it matters, my stocking (tetra/RCS/MTS) is in my sig....

edit:- Slightly off topic, but I have my algae ball sat under my internal filter - will the filter be sucking in all the little micro-organisms that live in it which shrimp like to eat? or will it be fine there?


21 Feb 2008
Spiky moss is a slow grower I would say you will need a couple of months. I took a lot out of my tank to send out to people and what I have left doesn't look great no more since it was the bottom moss that was attached to the wood, it has taken over a month to start noticing some proper growth, on the other hand the weeping just keeps on growing ;)
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