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Spot light for £50

25 Dec 2018
United Kingdom
Hi All

I'm looking for some advice on a light for my 30cm cube.
The light I currently have is very blue and sits on the top of the tank.

The tank will have moss and frogbit, so it doesn't need a kessil, but that's the type of thing I'm after. I want to suspend the light 20cm or so above the tank, so I have a completely unobscured view of the tank. Tank is at belly button height (which I've been reliably informed is a standard unit of measurement across all continents).

Budget is £50, so what are my options?

Harry H

10 Jul 2018
Emsworth Hampshire
I use luminous Asta 20 in my 40cm cube. It is dimmable, dimmer is not the best but works. Strong enough for carper, my tank is high tech as well.

LED Aquarium Lighting Asta 20 Nano Dimmable Planted Tank Lights 6500K Gooseneck for Plant Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank Refugium (Freshwater) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075D9N56X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_it1DDb6ARWZGV

Found you a photo of the tank, so you can see how it looks.


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