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Stable CO2 musings and question


7 Sep 2007
Just read enough of this thread to help answer my initial question re definition of "stable" CO2: Stable CO2

The emphasis on flow with regard to CO2 has perhaps also answered a second question, also relative to stable CO2...

I recently switched from a Bazooka diffuser to internal reactor, also switching my internal Juwel filter to a higher rated pump. I was expecting to use less CO2 but I am finding I'm using almost the same (observing the bubble rate which is too fast to count...) and only now (after a few days adjusting the dose up) reaching the saturation I was achieving with the Bazooka. I'm therefore beginning to think the flow is creating a more even spread of CO2 throughout the tank. The drop checker providing a more balanced measurement vs, perhaps a more localised saturation with the Bazooka.

All speculation but with a question too... I lowered the working pressure from 40 to 10 when I switched to the reactor. Just wondering whether that would alter the size of the bubbles? More but smaller bubbles at a lower pressure?


15 Mar 2016
Hong Kong
In my experience the amount of dissolved co2 in water is totally unrelated to flow.

That's because whether there's flow or not, the amount of co2 in water can only really be altered through pressure, and IMO the only thing which really does that is a high pressure grigg or cerges.

Flow removes the respiratory outputs from plants and brings whatever co2 is in the water to the plant only but won't change how much co2 it holds - at least not significantly enough to affect ph. Some people argue that increased dwell time dissolves more co2 but I have never really found that to be the case - especially if you increase pump size and push water more quickly through it.

So try pressurising the reactor by playing around with hose sizes and adjusting pump pressure.

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