'Super-pico' tanks :D


23 Nov 2008
Edinburgh / Dunbar - Scotland
I did this about a year ago, I bought seven kilner jars and lined them up next to each other on the jutting out indoor part of a window frame that is actually the top part of the bottom section of the window that slides up when you open it (hope that makes sense), anyway I made 4 nano vivariums and 3 nano aquariums and lined them up so that they alternated between vivarium / aquarium and it worked really well and looked great once they grew in. I just used some mosses,liverworts and ferns from a local wood for the vivariums and again just marimo and some java moss / un-identified local pond plant for the aquariums. One of the nano aquariums has become COMPLETELY over run with BGA but it actually is incredibly beautiful, it looks like green silk, so beautiful in fact that I briefly contemplated making a purely decorative BGA tank on a larger scale.
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