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Superman's Photos


29 Jan 2008
Thought I'd share a photo I took this evening...

It is of my baby BN plec that I've had for about a month now. There was another one but that has disappeared about 2 weeks ago. They both seemed to get on well.

Anyway, here he/she is chomping on a mountain of cucumber, didn't like the fact that I interrupted him/her eating.

I would of thought he/she would be growing at a faster rater but doesn't seem to go for the algae disks. But runs straight for the cucumber.

:D :lol:


On photos, I'm thinking of investing a macro lens for my Cannon Powershot A710IS which will need a lens conversion kit as I don't have a DSLR. Think the technical type of my camera is a "bridge camera". I'm thinking of investing as unless the fish are near the front I can't get an detail in focus.
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