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Supplement to Fluval Plant 3’s


Thread starter
25 Jul 2021
Starting to think about that second strip of lights I always knew I would need.

I’ve got a pair of fluval plant 3’s that run in a single strip across the length of the tank, placed just behind the mid line, and I’ve also placed a little aquasky to add some light to the front of my centre log (just because I had it and it looks better tbf) however, a fair few of the forward plants are noticeably growing and turning their leaves towards those ‘back’ lights. Front to back coverage is just not adequate. (No surprise)

I don’t, however need a lot of extra light and would rather avoid spending a chunk of change if possible.

Any ideas/inspiration on what I could use to give me just enough light to even out the growing pattern. (Another pair of plant 3’s will work of course but cheaper would be nice)

Tank is 84” long and 22” deep for those that don’t know.

Whatever I use needs to be waterproof and not generate much heat as it will sit on glass lids under the hood.


New Member
6 Nov 2021
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
I bought two of these no frills lights and zip tied them to the ends of my 48-inch Fluval Plant.

AQUANEAT LED Aquarium Light Full Spectrum Fish Tank Light 12" 20" 24" 30“ 36" 48" Multi-Color Fresh Water Light

Amazon product

No frills means don't get them wet! They are either on or off.

In my 20 gallon (75 liters) long the brightness was very good. My main 150 gallon tank (568 liters) is 24 inches deep, and I use them to brighten the edges. At 24 inches they are a bit dim, but I think they complement the Fluval.

In Pro mode they turn on when the Fluval hits full strength and turn off after the light dims and go to blue at night. Hope I got the conversions correct.