T8 tube replacement?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by willjones, 4 Jul 2008.

  1. willjones

    willjones Member

    Probably a simple one, but just wondering how often it's recommended to replace your tubes when used for about 10 hours per day? Thankyou.
  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Matt Holbrook-Bull Founder

    Dorset, UK
    most tubes get dirty more than wear out. its a myth that they need changing after a year, I used to run T8s for 3 years before really noticing any difference in output.

    use wet kitchen paper to clean them every few months, itll make a huge difference.
  3. GreenNeedle

    GreenNeedle Member

    Lincoln UK
    I don't think its a myth. If you got your lamp and took a photo once a month for a year you would notice that the ends will have a 'blackened' section which increases in length over it's use. It will never go the whle way and meet. lol but it does increase.

    Even if the light intensity doesn't decrease this blackening will block more and more light being eminated. Therefore if a new 24" tube emits 18W then an old one with 1" at each end blackened would theoretically be emitting 16.5W with the other 1.5W being blocked.

    Not a lot and not proven science but this is what I would assume!!!.

    On lights with electronic ballasts this situation takes much longer because there is no flicker turn on like the magnetic ballasts (that need a circular starter) This flickering speeds up the wear of the light.

  4. willjones

    willjones Member

    Good to hear different views, my tubes are only 6 months old, can't see any blackening out yet. I'll keep an eye on the ends for blackening out but hopefully they'll last me a little while yet.
  5. Lisa_Perry75

    Lisa_Perry75 Member

    Use vinegar on the glass of the bulbs and reflectors to make them shiny and clean again. Obviously take care to keep the electrics away from liquids though.

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