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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by Neo_ad, 13 May 2009.

  1. Neo_ad

    Neo_ad Member

    12 Jan 2009
    West Yorkshire, England
    After lurking and posting some random posts myself already, I thought I would put out my plans for my upcoming tank! Using all the info I have picked up from scratch mainly for this forum I might add :) I have got my tank and equipment together and most of it set up apart from the Co2 which should be this week. I have made a little plan below let me know what you think.

    Tank idea:
    Left half of tank starts out very heavily planted and around the middle starts to thin out so the right hand side of the tank is just grass and open plan this is after seeing and being inspired by carpeting grass as I knew immediately that is what I was going to work my tank around!

    (some of this may be incorrect as I am a newbie please point out any errors it would be much appreciated, thanks)

    Tank: Vision 450 (5 foot)
    Filter: x2 Eheim 2028
    Powerhead: Hydor Koralia 2 (I may end up adding another)
    Lighting: 2x Plantpro 54watt T5s, 2x Freshwater 54watt T5s (Total watt with Lights & Reflectors = 432 watt)
    Co2: Pressurised CO2 30ppm (in tank, will switch to a in-line one I guess in the future)
    Heating: x2 Hydor 300 External Thermal Heater
    Substrate: Eco complete
    Ferts EI daily method (once I get my head around it, hehe) 50% water changes etc

    Expected fish to be kept:
    Panda Corys x 20 or so
    Large shoal of fish, Rummy, Neons etc (not finalised this yet)
    Some unusual community fish
    Cherry Shrimp

    Arg! need help in this area badly. (Still doing research on this)
    As stated above already grass probably dwarf hair grass

    You can see a plan of what I am after doing below (WOW how bad am I at drawing!)

    If I have missed anything please let me know, and thanks for reading :)
  2. a1Matt

    a1Matt Member

    10 Mar 2008
    The spec looks good to me.
    I would use just one Hydor heater. Saves a little money. I am a fan of external inline CO2 reactors, so you could spend the saved money on one of these ;)
  3. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer Member

    3 Jul 2007
    N. Wales
    It sounds like it should turn out pretty awesome. Basically, you could have any plant you want in there. I am a big fan of large grassy areas, and will be doing one next in my 120cm. Just be aware that E. parvula and acicularis grow a fair bit higher than advertised, E. acicularis in particular. Maybe Lilaeopsis brasiliensis could be a consideration. Having said that, I think I may still stick with the more delicate look of the Eleocharis sp.

    Keep up the reasearch. :D

  4. Neo_ad

    Neo_ad Member

    12 Jan 2009
    West Yorkshire, England
    Cheers for the responses, at least I know I am going in the right direction :)

    My research shall contiune! I am hoping to convince my dad to spare me some drive time so I can pop over the Green Machine meet this Sunday too.

    Edit: Thanks for the heads up on the "Lilaeopsis brasiliensis" they do look more like what I am after.

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