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Tank Rescape


New Member
21 Sep 2019
I've been going back and forth on how to rescape my 40 breeder. Currently it just has sand substrate with anubias and java fern tied to driftwood and some crypts through out the tank. It was a low light system but I want to plant it more densly now and go for a nature style aquascape, but still no CO2. Originally I was going to go the aquasoil route, but have now realized that with the current stand i'm using I worry that weight may be an issue since I will need to use more aquasoil and some seiryu stone for the scape. I can't change the stand so that's out. Now I am wondering if I will still be able to achieve the scape I envisioned but minus the aquasoil and instead simply use the sand and root tabs. Note that the sand is a largely grain size than PFS. Any thoughts of if I can pull this off with the root tabs and liquid ferts or will I run into deficiency issues?


24 Dec 2014
Photos would help :)

Also more aquarium system details, lighting, filter etc

As for the stand - if this can’t manage the changeover to aquarium soil (which is relatively low density) I’d be concerned that the stand is not sufficient for the aquarium weight. period.
Certainly a large amount of Seiryu stone will add weight, but it will also displace water volume (as will the soil)
Wood hardscape is obviously lighter in weight than stone (but will inevitably contribute tannins and fine wood debris)

Depending on plant choice and goals, adding root tabs to the existing sand may suit (especially if you also provide some water column fertilizers)


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21 Sep 2019
Current stock

16 cardinal tetra
8 sterbai corys
1 syn lucipinis (rescued from a friend)
3 apistos (mcmasteri, rio mamore, kendidi)
1 super BN pleco
2 male congos (last of my original school not sure if I will get rid of them or increase school size)
3 variatus platys (rescued from same frined as the lucipinnis)

Plants that I plan on using
Jungle val
Ludwigia repens
Heteranthera zosterifolia
Hydrocotyle tripartita
various crypts
Jave fern anubias

Sunsun hw 303b canister filter
Marineland penguin 200 HOB filter
Finnex 24/7 planted+ HLC LED light

I will get a shot of the tank when I get home. Currently the tank has about a flat 2.5-3in layers of blasting sand as the substrate with root tabs under the existing vals. The plan I had was to do a triangular layout with aqusoil in the back for the root feeders with an open sand substrate in the front. I knew I was going to want to slope up the aquasoil area and that's why I was concerned with the weight issue, not realizing i'd be taking away some water volume and simply replacing it with the less dense aquasoil.

The general idea of the scape look, but not exactly to the same


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