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Tetra ex 800 enough flow?


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26 May 2021
Hi all,
I'm new here and planning to take the plunge in the near future with a nano tank of 54 liter. Already bought the tank more than half a year ago ...might be a year already..
I am currently contemplating over which filter would be sufficient for a 54 liter tank. I' m wondering if a Tetra ex 800 is enough for high tech? I ' ve read that the flow power is only half of the supposed 790 l/h when filled with media, so less than 400 l/h, which is ofcourse to little for high tech. Will it be strong enough with less media ?
Plus: does it run silent? Some here say it does. If it is strong enough and silent I think that will be the one I 'll purchase since it's pretty cheap : 75 euro's
Thanks, Anna-Sarah


22 Aug 2019
The 10x rule of thumb is definitely including the manufacturers rating, thats why its so high because we expect a lot to be lost to reality and filtermedia. I would advise you go for 10x flow even if you start low tech, it can be a benefit there as well and it saves you having to upgrade later on if you want to go high tech. The only reason I can think of to want less flow is if youre keeping fish that require calm water. But a lot can still be done with custom spraybars to make it how you like.
I dont have any experience with Tetra filters so unfortunately I cant help you with that.


20 Nov 2010
Lostock Hall
I used EX 600 on 72l tank for 8 ish years and EX 400 on a 36l.Both filters performed very good and are quite silent.Compared to other brands they do not have the best flow output in reality but thats very much depending on how you set it up.I don't use floss,fine sponges and don't stuff them full with lots of ceramic media too.I also use prefilter sponges (not the little fine ones they sell as shrimp guards)on the intake cleaned weekly so my main filter body is always clean and flow is not redused.
The weak part are the taps they break easily and is worth to have a spare to hand.
Regards Konstantin
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