Tetratec E600 impeller

27 Oct 2009
Has anyone got one of these filters? I'd be interested to see what the impeller looks like. I bought a new impeller for mine, the old one I've had to super glue a couple of times but still works, the one I bought I just kept as a spare until the next time I was cleaning the filter. Decided to put it in the other day but it was really noisy. (I did give it time to get the air out)

When I look at them side by side they are slightly different but it came in genuine Tetra packaging and appears to have the correct part number. Can't really send it back I guess as I've had it for so long. Don't suppose there's much point ordering another one either, looking at the pictures of them online they all look like the one I have.

The only difference is mine is blue while the new one is green and mine has a raised section after the magnet whereas the new one is flat.

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