Tetratec EX1200

Discussion in 'Filters, Filtration and Pumps' started by Jase, 6 Jul 2009.

  1. Jase

    Jase Member

    Set my new filter up these evening, and I must say what a great piece of kit! Solid, well made, very quiet (but not silent like some reviews said ;) ), child's play to set up. The primer button is much more convincing than the weedy stick thin plunger on my rickety old Fluval.

    One very happy Tetratec customer here :D
  2. AdAndrews

    AdAndrews Member

    Kidderminster, Worcs
    i have the same experience with a recnetly purchased and set up ttex600, its not silent, which is its only downfall, slight humming. but yeah, its build well, and the prime was a breeze for me. i brought mine mainly becuase of the price, but was swayed when i heard about tetras great customer servise with the ex range :)
  3. bazz

    bazz Member

    i liked them so much, i bought 2 for my tank! seriously tho' i don't know of any external filter that is silent, but i believe there are various things you can stand them on to reduce the noise, plus also make sure nothing at all is touching it as this amplifies the sound!
    later, bazz!

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