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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by quatermass, 5 Feb 2008.

  1. quatermass

    quatermass Newly Registered

    5 Feb 2008
    Livingston, Scotland
    Have you yet heard about my site?

    It's a free aquarium web site with a major difference.

    It allows anyone (without any web design knowledge) to edit the site and to write up about any aquarium subject that interests you.

    So if you just want to know what is KH (click) (we've a comprehensive glossary), fish profile, read from one of our many articles or if you want to add a review about your favourite shop, web forum (hint) or a piece of equipment then I think this is the place to visit.

    One feature I added (and actually use) is adding the site to my web browser search engine. Link's on our front page.
    Firefox or IE6/7 allow you to use a wee search engine top-right of the Browser and you can add our site to it very easily.

    This means if you're ever wondering what's that acronym someone is talking about in a forum. For example what is HC, EI, EDTA or PMDD, again? Then type these letters in and instantly you'll have your answer.

    We have several people editing the site from all over the world.
    But we're always looking for more.

    At the moment I think we need more plant coverage.
    So if you want to help expand the world of Aquariums online you're more than welcome. Or if you've just want to browse that's fine too.

    Any comments on the site are welcome.

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