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The Beauty of Nature in House (330 liters planted tank)


13 Jul 2016
Hello guys!

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming journey as much as I will!

I am still working on it, I need some time to finish the hardscape ( I have some thoughts of giving more height), plant it and fill it up. I hope that I will do that in December..

Information about the tank
Dimensions: 120 x 50 x 55 (in cms), 330 liters
Filtration: 2 JBL filters (1502 & 902)
Heating: External JBL heater 500 watt with temperature controller
Light: 2 x 120 B twinstar ( initially, I am going to use only one and increase the intensity later)
Co2: pressurized co2, 5kg bottle, strideways regulator. Diffusion through external reactor.
Substrate: Inert guemmer sand (0.7 - 1.2mm grain size). Some JBL volcano mineral may be added at the corners to increase the height
Hardscape: Iron wood, ancient roots wood, loa rocks and Rio Xingu gravel.
Additional gadgets: Twinstar Yotta Plus ozonator, eheim skimmer 350

My goal is to create a natural planted habitat with fish and plants from America region only.
My only limitation will be the light. I will keep it at medium intensity.

I will update the thread soon! Any comments are more than appreciated!

Thank you,
Fred 20211128_132054.jpg


Thread starter
13 Jul 2016
Happy new year to all!

Updating my journal today!
I have promised myself an easy-going aquarium, however, this isn't the case :) I can't resist putting more details and accept different challenges.

Today, I have glued the hardscape with superglue and I have added several details to the hardscape.

I have also put some lava rock (the jbl one) beneath the sand which proved to be a nightmare because it was very difficult to remove the sand from specific spaces and place the bags without messing the hardscape. I finally did it, however, it isn't much buried and also the bags are full of stone making them so stiff that I doubt the plant rhizomes will find their way in. We will see ;)
I did that to increase the substrate potential since I have only plain coarse sand.

Also, they offered me as a gift a wonderful set of lily pipes with a glass skimmer for my second filter. The problem is that the diameter is wrong. Instead of giving them back, I am thinking of increasing the diameter from 12/16 to 16/22 with an adaptor.

In conclusion, there are many more things to be done. Such as connecting the external reactor that you see in the photo attached.

I will keep you updated and I hope that the tank will be fully planted soon !

Best regards,
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