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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by TYB, 3 Mar 2010.

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    Kalmar, Sweden
    I have a question… We all know that the brand from Japan is ADA in the aquascaping hobby and also that that is very expensive, right? Some say that that is the price of quality. I only wish that everybody could afford there products. As we all surf the internet for more info in to our passion we have, at least I have come across products that look like ADA products but is not. I am thinking mostly about the substrate system from ADA. I found on a web shop a substrate that is not ADA but is from Japan and looks like power soil. As Japan is a well populated country it would be reasonable to assume that ADA has competitors to this large market. One thing is clear, they are not that good at marketing or at least not as good as ADA but do anybody have a line to there domestic competition?

    I know of the excellent products produced out side of Japan but not the other brands that must be out there. Is there any Japanese internet shops or web page that anybody can recommend? I am not an ADA basher, I think that there products are the best that I know of… but I’m also interested in the brands that I don’t know about, anybody ells out there that have had the same thought?

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    Your not going to get punished for asking such questions. where are here to help each other, As for the ADA products, Yes they are good, Very good, But there are also products that do compare. Its realy down to the individual persons opinion and budget, You can get great results useing other products that are not ADA, Just take a look around the forum and you will gather the answer to your main question. If the answer is not direct then im sure that you will find very usefull information on other products Non ADA on the way. :thumbup:

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