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The Goias nook - New pics

Thanks mate! At the moment there are only 3 amano shrimps, but soon will introduce some RCS and BCS. As it is a small tank, don't plan to put any fish in.

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Hi everyone,

the tank is growing slow, but very stable at the moment. Some details:
Here you can see the rotala sneaking behind the Clada and some Penthorum at the back!

Here a close up of the Clada. I love this plant or algae should I say?! But so nice and soft texture and rich green!

The Riccardia and fissidens fontanus are growing slowly:


Here the Christmas moss. fissidens and riccardia taking over the wood :)

A quick video from last night with my phone.

The tank is doing well, no majour issues, slow grower, but very stable. Just have trimmed the penthorum so it does not look great at the moment, but want to create nice, dense and compact carpet. I reckon it will need another trim, after couple of weeks, to get the ultimate look of it. It stays compact with nice small leaves. :) Will take some pictures, when it recovers. The fissidens, Christmas moss and the riccardia, has taken "roots" and are trying to take over the wood :)

HI guys,

It's been awhile since I have updated this topic. The tank is growing well and really starting to take shape at the moment. Need a bit to shape the christmas moss on the left corner, to get a bit denser bush of the penthorum and I think will achieve the ultimate look.


Here is frontal shot of the tank. The clada, the mosses and the riccardia are creating nice dense layer on top of the wood and I had to trim it last week. This was the first time I have trimmed riccardia...... :angelic: and I felt good about it :woot:

Here you can see the mixture of Christmas moss, fissidens fontanus and riccardia:


And another detail with 2 curious inhabitants of the tank posing in the shot:



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Hi guys,

the tank is now close to what I wanted it to be, in terms of plant growth and shape... yesterday trimmed the moss and probably will remove the Christmas on the left corner, under the Cladophora as I don't really like it's appearance at that particular spot....
In another week or so, the penthorum and the rotala Goias will be fully grown back after the last trim.

Here is full tank shot from last night - a lot of pearling, as I took the pic late on the evening, when the water was saturated with CO2 and for the shot I used 120W of light....

Love this scape, I never considered the use of driftwood from the beach as I thought it would leach into the tank. I also live on the coast, 5 min walk from the beach, I have loads of bits of driftwood in my house, mostly unusual bits of root etc. I just use them as ornaments as the textures and shapes after long periods in the sea are amazing. How does one prepare them for the aquarium? Do you bake the, on low in the oven to kill bacteria and then soak for a long period in fresh water to get rid of the salt etc? Also, what yogurt did you use for the moss and what is the technique?
Thanks mate!
The driftwood is not from the beach, I bought it from the Maidenheads, but the stones are. Anyway, I don't see a problem to use the driftwood from the sea, I would just soak it for few days to dissolve the salt and will use it straight away. All the mangrove that we buy from the shops, comes from the coastal marshes with brackish/ salt water. And I don't believe they treat them specifically...

Regarding the yoghurt I used greek style yoghurt with the two common bacteria cultures in... can't remember the names, but I got it from ASDA. The method I use is the method described by George here The bacteria helps somehow the moss to start growing and attaching, but don't use too much!
Hi guys,

quick update of the tank: It is growing steadily and is very close to what I wanted it to look like. Plant health is great and today I have played a bit with the light to get some interesting effect in the background. Let me know what do you think, please. I know is unusual colour, but It should resembles sunset and I think compliments the colours of the stones.... I called this shot Dream.... :)


Hi guys,

Thought will do a little update on this one. It is still going strong. Nothing ground braking, but very stable and not demanding scape.

Here are couple of pictures, hope you like them!


Low light shot ....

Here is a in situ shot:


And one of the algae hoppers, grazing over the fissidens fontanus :)

Hi everyone,

It has been awhile since I have posted anything...

The tank is being up and running for 14 months now... :wacky: . No issues, very easy to maintain. Only black brush on the stones time to time, but I clean them relatively quickly. Just the CO2 can't get distributed around them evenly.

Here a pic of the tank from today. Not the best shot, but.... Need to find a way to lighten up the dark zones of the wood for the final picture, but can't figure out how. Any suggestions?

Here a pic of the tank from today. Not the best shot, but.... Need to find a way to lighten up the dark zones of the wood for the final picture, but can't figure out how. Any suggestions?
Depends on how what equipment used. If you used RAW and DSLR, then you can use lightroom or similar software to recover shadows. Or you can try HDR techniques with multiple exposures.