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Thinking about adding sand


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17 Jan 2022
East midlands
Thinking about adding sand to this scape maybe just some in the middle at the front to drop the soil layer down and to break it up

Any ideas anyone?

I’ve took the long grass out of the background too as I think it was just distracting
In my opinion, keepers of tropical fish do not always take into account sand. When used correctly and in the right quantities, is a great substrate that poses no hazards. Unlike gravel, dirt won't seep through into the sand; instead, it will remain on top, making cleanup simpler. However, it also has certain negative effects. If the sand is left untouched, it can form small pockets. Bacteria may develop in these crevices and endanger your fish. This is not a problem if your tank contains critters that can burrow.
Thanks I decided to add some sand to the front and it all went wrong and ended up in a full re scape which almost went wrong with the soil sliding forward but lessons learned and it has a lot more depth now! Some replanting will be needed but I’ll give it a week and see how it looks.

The inlet and outlet may need moving as well as the heater as it in the gap where it takes away the depth but eventually will be hidden by the plants
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