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Angus Ianni

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13 Sep 2020
Melbourne, Australia
Hi everyone,

I just got back into aquascaping! The last time I had a planted tank George Farmer had a juwel rio, so it’s been a while. I thought I’d delve back in by setting up a 60P Iwagumi with a very minimal planting palette.

Would highly appreciate any and all advice on my latest hard scape arrangement. I’m not super happy with it and know that there can be a few improvements.



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25 Feb 2008
I would have the substrate more or less uniform across the front - max around 4 cm.

I would get a much larger rock for the main rock (the current main rock you have is probably perfect for 45p).

The rock on the right looks a bit out of place currently, however you could cover it with substrate to reduce its length and it may look better.

I would say the smaller rock on the left looks nice - but currently it blends with the rock behind it since they are directly in line. Right hand side looks comparatively empty.

The long rock on the right may also split into two pieces which look better than it does currently.

Another thing I would recommend is having more soil on hand so you are able to really build height - I have the same size tank and started with 12 L of soil. I did a rescape and added 3 L extra soil and it made all the difference. I now have 15 cm of soil in the back left vs about 8 cm before and it made the wood hardscape make so much better.

On the other hand - depending on how you plant it the materials you have now could still look great - I am sure there are examples on here and there are also many examples on the ADA site with relatively low rocks like yours (but often many of them and blended with lots of soil).