TMC Microhabitat 15 - Too Much Light?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by KrisHumphreys1991, 25 Feb 2016.

  1. KrisHumphreys1991

    KrisHumphreys1991 Member

    27 Nov 2011
    Ipswich, Suffolk/ County Louth Rep. of Ireland
    Hi Guys,

    I've had a TMC Microhabitat 15L ( a marine setup) in storage for a while.

    I've dug it out and plan to start it up as a planted invert pico next week.

    Just going to go with moss, plenty of manzanita & maybe a little anubias.
    Dosing liquid carbon & maybe some ferts.

    Substrate will be, with some river sand.

    So, from the marine setup in the tank previously, I used the TMC Aquaray tile.

    I'm just wondering if this will be WAY too much light?

    I know moss & Anubias prefer low light, but will this seriously affect growth?
    Will the liquid carbon deter algae growth from the lighting?

    All help appreciated,

  2. Greenfinger2

    Greenfinger2 Member

    21 Sep 2013
    Enfield London
    Hi Kris, The tile light is 6500k so is ok to grow plants. L Carbon helps with Algae Up to a point As to the Anubias and moss Plant them in a shaded spot this helps with the algae on the slow growing leaves
  3. mort

    mort Member

    15 Nov 2015
    Hi, I have the same light on a bigger tank 18x10x10" and its enough to grow even moderate light loving plants with just weekly ferts and liqid carbon. I do have anubius and it does get green spot algae but not particularly a lot of it. However due to the width of my tank I can put it in lower light at the edges. With your cube shape i'm not sure you'd be able to get it enough out of the light. You could add a dimmer or be more adventurous with your planting and get things which will shade it a little.

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