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Trading rules for Sale/Swap/Wanted forum

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21 Feb 2008
Note: You need a minimum of 25 posts to access the Sales Section of the forum, once you reach 25 posts you will need to wait around half an hour for your permissions to be updated.
Once you reach 25 posts it can take up to half an hour before you are placed into the right group.

Sale/Swap/Wanted - Please Read.

The Sale/Swap/Wanted section is here for members to trade their excess plant cuttings, spare equipment, and other related items.

The following guidelines will be used by our moderation team.
If you are unsure whether an item you wish to offer is acceptable or not, PM a moderator for clarification.

Please bear in mind that the society is funded by donations and sponsorship.

When posting your items, please take into account that this is a hobby, not a money-making venture.

Advertising items for donation is greatly appreciated by the society.

Guidelines for posting:

Sale/Swap items.
All items must be accompanied by a suitable photograph/photographs!
Internet stock images will not be allowed.

Be aware postings without photographs will be deleted!

Members posting in this section who appear to be, or be part of a commercial enterprise will have their posts removed and will receive a warning.

Members who wish to advertise commercial goods should contact one of the founding members for discussion.

The forum has commercial sponsors whose sponsorship helps keep the forum and the society running.

Members with low post counts may have their "For Sale" posts removed at the moderation team's discretion.
This is to address possible issues of people joining the forum simply to sell their items.

We want members to contribute and ask questions and to become part of the community.
This, after all, is what the society is all about.

A minimum post count of 25 has been introduced, members with less than 25 posts will not be able to access the Sale/Swap/Wanted section.

Items not obviously related to the hobby of aquascaping or fish keeping may be removed, at the moderation team's discretion.
Obviously, photography is a big part of this hobby but items that have no relevance at all may be removed.

Direct links to external auction sites or classified adverts will be regarded as adverts and removed. If you have an online auction please only post the item number and not a direct link.

All decisions are at the moderation team's discretion and are final.

Wherever possible we will try to PM the member concerned, but we reserve the right not to do this.

General Forum Rules can be found here: UKAPS Forum Rules and Guidelines | UK Aquatic Plant Society

Selling items on UKaps is done entirely at the member's own risk.
UKaps accepts no responsibility for non-payment of items and will not chase payments on the buyer's behalf.
UKaps relies on the honesty and integrity of all it's members to pay for items.

Ukaps (Moderation Team)
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