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Tribute to Roy Smith (Greenfinger2)

Tim Harrison

5 Nov 2011
It's with great sadness that I write this. Roy (Greenfinger2) recently passed away peacefully after a protracted illness. He was 62. I only met him in person a couple of times, but I got to know him well through our personal conversations on UKAPS.

He was a gentle and kind soul, and generous to a fault, and many aquascapers both new and experienced alike benefited from his knowledge and enthusiasm. He was a key member of UKAPS, and AquaScaping World, and a Glass Box Gardeners founding member and moderator.

I will miss him greatly and wanted to provide the opportunity for others to share their memories so we can celebrate the work and contribution that this wonderful human being has made to our hobby.

Thank you Roy...

Roy, front middle, at the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience March 2016 where he competed in the live aquascaping competition.


Some of Roy's stunning Wabi-Kusa from his journal Starting Point Wabi-Kusa...



I have found it is possible to get quite attached to forum members, I often quote forum names when discussing planted tanks .... even to folk who have not a clue who I mean!
Greenfinger was a strong character on this forum....
RIP Roy.
I didn't know Roy, but from my time in the forum he was always a friendly poster, happy to help and not once imposing any sort of judgement on me as a total newbie; I'm sad to hear of his passing.
Next to a very modest and wonderfull person a Greenfinger, that is what Roy was through and through in heart and soul. A nickname that did fit him like a glove. His drive and enthusiasm was catchy, next to inspirational aquascapes he created the most beatifull and lush Wabi Kusa's in such an astonishing pace it almost seemed unreal. I once asked him with a gest if he did build an assembly line for it in his home. He was like a wizard shaking beautifull tiny Wabi Kusa's from his sleave, one after another as if it is the easiest thing there is. For him it was... I don't believe there is a UKAPS, GBG and AWF member more talented at it than he was. If he only was given more time, Roy Smith was on his way to become a household name in the British aquascaping community. This man was truly Wabi Sabi all over.

I will dearly miss you my friend.. Rest In Peace.
He was a very prolific aquascaper on his days over here, he always had a good word for everyone and he is greatly missed he left too young.
RIP Roy.
One of my main influences and the reason I also joined Glass Bx Gardeners his Wabi Kusa knowledge and his kind help he gave, even inquiring about how my aquarium was doing months after. Roy a true gent you will be sadly missed
That's very sad indeed, he will be sorely missed as big part of the helpful, knowedgable and enthusiastic ukaps community. Please pass on all our best wishes to his loved ones Tim.

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I never met Roy sadly🙁 ...one of the original posters on here, mostly within the Wabi-Kusa section!
Always a enthusiastic contributor to the UKaps!

I will miss him loads!

His spirit will live on within his amazing pictures .....bless him!
My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.
@Tim Harrison thank for sharing. I have know roy for a few years now. We spent alot of time on the forum and out and about. He was indeed a good friend, always happy to help others. When ever we can we would meet up in milton keynes at destination aquatic along side with the manager mr glen Williams. Always had a good laugh

I got the opportunity to to see his wabi kusa collection guarantee to be amaze what he can do.

It was very sad. he text me to let me know about his illness.
He was so kind he wanted me to have all his hardscapes and at first I thought about it and i didn't need it but then again i wanted to see him and hopefully see him a few more time.
Unfortunately we only manage to meet up only a few months ago but im happy we caught up.

Roy you been a good friend. You rest in peace buddy. Marina will look after the family don't you worry.
Very sad news indeed 🙁 you will be missed Roy but never forgotten.

It has been brought to my attention by @Tim Harrison that a special emoji had been created for Roy by Jason on GBG, as a tribute to Roy and thanks Tim for the suggestion I have added the Wabi-Kusa emoji to the UKAPS smilies list.

to use it you can type any of the following tags or select it from the dropdown smilies list.


RIP Roy :greenfinger:
Such sad news, rest in peace Roy.