Trimming sessiliflora

Rainbow Tank

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6 Nov 2009
Whats the best way of trimming its height down (new to this so bare with me :? ) have tried trimming cabomba but the bottom half dies off is it the same with this???


john starkey

8 Jul 2007
Hi just trim it the same as normal and plant the cutting,you should get new growth at the cut in a few days,
regards john.


27 Dec 2008

If you let the plant grow accross the surface for a bit then remove the whole plant from the substrate and replant the tops only you will get in no time at all (after 2 or 3 repeats) very nice thick strong stems. I normally let mine grow about 12" across the surface before removing and replanting it. It will produce extra side shoots quite freely once it has reached the surface aswell.

Or you can just cut them down and replant the tops but eventually the bottom of the plant will go very spindally with a lot of unsightly ariel roots and may even die off altogether. Everytime you cut the plant two shoots should grow from the cut so you can bush it out like this.

I find that using EI in a high tech tank this plants growth rate is exceptional (to the point of being a problem sometimes), mine grows about 8-10" a week on average and I just remove the whole plant every few weeks, take off the good tops strip a couple of nodes clean and replant as and where I feel like it. Its a great space filler, looks good, very easy to grow and hardy. Can't understand why some call it a weed though ;)

If you look in the tutorial section of this site it has a very good article with regard to pruning all types of plants including stem plants of which sessiflora is one.

Regards, Chris.