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Discussion in 'Aqua Essentials' started by fishkeeper, 15 Feb 2009.

  1. fishkeeper

    fishkeeper Member

    2 Apr 2008

    On your website i see that there are 'Tropica potted plants' and 'Tropica Easy Grow Plants'. As these are the same price, i was wondering, what is the difference? Also, whata re the approximate sizes of the plants? I would like to know the sizes as im unsure how many to buy for my new tank.

    Also, how quick is the delivery please and do you have all the plats in stock ready to be dispatched when ordered?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Aqua Essentials

    Aqua Essentials Sponsor Staff Member

    24 Jan 2008

    There is no difference - we have split them into categories for customers ease.

    It's impossible to say what size the plants are - it really depends on which one's you are talking about. It also depends on their age when tropica send them to us as they do vary.

    Delivery is normally sharpish unless it's a special order plant that takes about 10 days. We order every Sunday for a Wednesday arrival.

  3. James_Kye

    James_Kye Member

    9 Feb 2009
    delivery is pretty sharpish ,,,, the plant i ordered from these guys arrived next day.

    each plant was in its own individual tropica bag and then in packing wrap and if i remember they were also in an other clear bag before the outer packing as well.
    all the plants i bought were a good size. i have always bought tropica as i have found these are the only plants that come in a good enough size you can usually split and get at least double the plants from 1 pot.

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