Twinstar 1200SA

Discussion in 'Aquarium Gardens' started by Aquarium Gardens, 26 Jan 2019.

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    13 Jan 2014
    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Hi Everyone,

    The long awaited Twinstar 1200SA has landed in Aquarium Gardens :D

    The 1200sa is also adjustable to fit tanks up to 140cm. This light will be running on a new display scape soon in our showroom (yes another display for our showroom!)

    We also have the pendant version too...

    Upgraded controllers are also in, with built in timer functions and a ramp up/ramp down feature. These will be online shortly, or give us a call to order on 01480 450572.

    the 1200SA pictured below - taken from the Twinstar gallery.

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