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Twinstar 600s what % for low tech

Nick Norman

27 Jun 2016
I'm going to stop injecting co2 soon and wanted peoples opinion on what % to have the lights at for low tech.

I used to have the lights at 100% then rescaped keeping only ferns, anubias, cripts and buces so i reduced the light to 55% and continued to inject c02.

I am about to run out of co2 and want to go low tech. What % do you think the twinstar 600s produces low light for non co2.

If you are going to run out soon and have no plans to replace it i would start to wean them off of CO2 now and slowly start to reduce your injection rate over a few weeks, reducing the light at the same time. I only run my Twinstar at 60% with high CO2 injection and have had it as low as 50% which still looked bright enough and grew plants.
Like @Arana I've used it in an injected tank at 60% with a photoperiod of 6hrs and grown plants very successfully.
If I were you I'd start at 40% and see how you go. It'll be better to start low and gradually increase the intensity if need be than the other way around; less likelihood of running in to problems.
40% sounds like a good start. I will slowly reduce what co2 i have until it runs out, reducing the light at the same time. I'm happy with slow growth as long as they stay healthy.