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Twinstar..what is it?

Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by foxfish, 8 Jul 2013.

  1. foxfish

    foxfish Member

  2. sa80mark

    sa80mark Member

    From what I can gather its an ozone generator ?
  3. Tomfish

    Tomfish Member

    I've just been reading this and it annoyed me. I've scoured the site looking for a straight forward answer to how it works, but been constantly confronted by patronising sales patter. It doesn't make me want to buy
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  4. Henry

    Henry Member

    What an utterly dross website! I sense a whiff of snake oil.
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  5. alanyusupov

    alanyusupov Member

  6. Andy Thurston

    Andy Thurston Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I was thinking this too.
  7. foxfish

    foxfish Member

    I really don't know if ozone would be of much benefit in our planted tanks but it has been used in virtually every other type of fishkeeping environment like marines & Koi pond, even human swimming pools.
    The only experience I have had with an ozone generator was in the 80s & they were pretty dangerous things to have around the house but I am sure they are safer nowadays?
    So the question is ... is the twinspar an ozone generator & if so would it be of any benefit to us?
  8. BigTom

    BigTom Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Whatever it is, I'm 100% sure I don't need one :lol:
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  9. sparkyweasel

    sparkyweasel Member

    Yes, the ones made by reputable companies are.
    But if they won't tell you what their product is or what it does, it's hard to trust them. :)
  10. Ian Holdich

    Ian Holdich Global Moderator Staff Member

    It looks cool though...I'm gonna get one.

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  11. IanD

    IanD Member

    Looks like an apple product.. does it play music?
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  12. foxfish

    foxfish Member

    So the plot thickens... this is something I found on another site ....

    the product description isn't very... descriptive but the videos on youtube show
    an electronic device creating an effervescence effect similar to what you'd find
    with akla seltzer. The effect in this case is produced by the baking soda
    (sodium bicarbonate) and citric acid reacting to form sodium citrate and
    carbon dioxide gas.

    If money is burning a hole in your pocket, its awesome to now be able to
    install power button on the side of your tank icon_smile.gif

    I cant find anything on youtube though?
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  13. alanyusupov

    alanyusupov Member

    I have contact them about Twinstar
    and got this answer.

    Basically, there are a lot of environments of aquarium that are varied depending on the users and also there are many reasons why Green algae occurs.
    Before going into the details, it is necessary to understand why the Green algae occur in the aquarium. Green algae are excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) that artificially supply fertilizer ingredient including surplus nitrogen, phosphorus from soil and light. This serves as a supplier who makes the environment for algae to occur. Consumer will be water plant and green algae.
    If water plant absorbs provided nourishment 100%, it will be the most idealistic environment where the Green algae don’t occur.
    If you look at the initial environment after setting aquarium, water plants a bit slowly take root in the ground after planting rather than growing actively and then absorb the nutrient. However, initially nitrogen and phosphorus in soil are the most and they will be released excessively into the water.
    Although there are a lot of nutrients, the amount of waterweed’s nutrient absorption are not enough. For that reason, Green algae occur. (If you provide strong lights and enough CO2 from the beginning, Heir green algae may appear before and after 15 days. Heir green algae occur when nutrients are abundant.) At this point, experienced aquarists normally increase water changing amount to keep the balance, or reduce lights, or try to prevent Green algae by putting Yamato shrimp, dozens of fish which eat Green algae.
    Even if new water plants seem clean with your bare eyes, you can’t see the minute green algae attached on water plants. Therefore, we recommend putting some Yamato shrimp to prevent their growing. With only ‘TWINSTAR’, you cannot remove the green algae.
    With enough light and nutrient, and CO2, water plants can take roots in 45 days and fully grow (demand increase period). Along with the growth of water plant, nitrogen and phosphorus from soil will be run low. If you plant a number of Stem plant, aquarium environment will start to change from 60 to 90 days. The biggest change is a lack of nitrogen and phosphorus. When nitrogen and phosphorus run short, Green algae will grow on a glass wall of aquarium. In case of a lack of light, Brown algae might grow usually.
    As mentioned above, environments of aquarium continue to change, and coping methods should be varied with them.
    Lastly, depending on the kind of water plants nutrients, speed and amount of nutrient uptake rate are different. Hemianthus callitrichoides “Cuba” grow slowly and nutrient absorption is very low. However, Glossostigma elatinoioles absorb a lot of nutrients and grow quickly. If you plant both two water plants in the same condition, Green algae will grow more in Cuba planted aquarium.
    Like IWAGUMY, if a lot of CUBA is planted with lots of stones layout, it will become Hard water with water pH. Consumer cannot do its role, so green algae will be likely to grow more and more.
    In conclusion, the effect of TWINSTAR depends on which water plants you plant and how to manage them. In case of 90cmX45cmX45cm size water tank, we recommend putting 3 Yamato Shrimp and 3 fish which eat green algae because they will act as the buffer in various conditions to maintain a constant effect.
    Judging from that you didn’t mention about the effect of Heir green algae, we think that you didn’t test Twinstar with new setting. Also you didn’t mention Growth of plant, so please try to set again and check.
    For your reference, you cannot expect the effect of Growth of plant from the aquarium over 30days. It is related to Law of minimum or Liebig’s law.
    TWINSTAR mini has 1 operating mode, it is designed 90~120L size fish tank to prevent green algae from occurring in waterplant. TWINSTAR NANO model has 2 operating modes, Mode 1 is for 90~120L size, Mode2 is for 180~240L size. Super S is designed to keep aquarium fish from disease and it can prevent any diseases of fish in 300L~400L size aquarium. Mini S is the purpose of disease prevention in 120L aquarium.
    Plus we attached bloggers’ review from their blog so please refer to it.
    Effect on kind of algae
    - Hair/Thread algae : 95%
    - Brown Algae : 90%
    - Blue green : 80%
    - Fuzz algae : 80%
    - Green Dust algae :80%
    - Green spot : 85%
    No effect
    - Black brush / Beard
  14. BigTom

    BigTom Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, still not a single word about what it is or how its supposed to work.
    ghostsword likes this.
  15. Ady34

    Ady34 Global Moderator Staff Member

    It's magic!
    ghostsword and Lauris like this.
  16. tim

    tim Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Now if only it worked on bba, I can manage the rest quite easily myself :)
  17. Henry

    Henry Member

    "Nutrients bad. Nutrients algae causation."

    But wait...

    "Lack of nutrients bad." Eh? :wacky:

    Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
    Twinstar ??? Algae free!
    ghostsword likes this.
  18. Henry

    Henry Member


    Looks like an excellent diffuser. If I can attach my CO2 to it, I'm having one!
  19. alanyusupov

    alanyusupov Member


    That what it is.
  20. alanyusupov

    alanyusupov Member

    Also find out on Russian forum about Twinstar

    or ozone or hydrogen but hardly hydrogen .. probably ozone ..
    Previously, the manufacturer makes ozone generators, but to adjust the speed of the ozone supply was not possible, and now switched to see a new way of ozone supply ...
    An interesting device to understand what's inside, so most can be done?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

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