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UKAPS Aquascaping Experience - Hardscape Challenge Results

Discussion in 'Hardscape Contest' started by LondonDragon, 8 Mar 2016.

  1. LondonDragon

    LondonDragon Administrator Staff Member

    Results of the live Hardscape Challenge at the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience at the weekend (5th March 2016).

    Average score per judge from a total of 100 points.

    Congratulations to everyone that took part in the competition and producing some high quality hardscapes in just 4 hours.

    Photos taken by Stu Worrall

    Rank #1 with an average score: 90

    Rank #2 with an average score: 89

    Rank #3 with an average score: 82

    Rank #4 with an average score: 81

    Rank #5 with an average score: 80

    Rank #6 with an average score: 77

    Rank #7 with an average score: 76

    Rank #8 with an average score: 74

    Rank #9 with an average score: 68

    Rank #10 with an average score: 63

    Once again very well done guys for the quality produced :)

    Enjoy :)
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  2. Paulo Soares

    Paulo Soares Member

    All pretty wonderful layouts indeed. My congratulations to all contesters.

    I just don´t like the #1 and #2 .. rocks amongst rocks. Very full of rocks.. Where do plants enter in this type of layout?
    So i can´t quite understand this kind of jury´s avaluation. For me a tank has to be more than rocks. I look at those two and can´t figure out more than a simple rock landscape. But that´s me..

    Best regards
  3. Manuel Arias

    Manuel Arias Member

    Thank you Paulo for uploading this.

    And special thanks to Stu Worral for these fantastic photos! :woot: I love them. Again, very well done, guys!


  4. tim

    tim Forum Moderator Staff Member

    It was a hardscape challenge, the scapes were never intended to be planted paulo, judged on the best use of layout materials on the day, superb scapes from all IMO, top job guys :clap:
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  5. Paulo Soares

    Paulo Soares Member


    It´s best creat considering other factors than the stones it self. That´s what i meant.
    You look to all layout´s except those two and you can imagine the rest. You can visualize a frame of nature. Theres a vision left behind from the scaper to us to acomplish ;)

    And this is IMHO the best scapers. Take a good look to #1. What can you figure out more than what is in there?
  6. tim

    tim Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I have to say, number 1 was my favourite on the day, I would plant with mosses and small amounts of eleocharis and probably run it as a low light scape, but that's why I love this hobby, it's all subjective :)
  7. LondonDragon

    LondonDragon Administrator Staff Member

    The idea was never to get these planted in the first place, but also the judging was done from a 3D point of view standing in front of the tanks and not from a photo, which the perspective is totally different. :)
  8. Manuel Arias

    Manuel Arias Member

    Yes, I agree. And we were told about it, so no surprises there.
  9. mlgt

    mlgt Member

    Excellent photos as per usual Stu. Great choice for the winner. Well done for those who took part :)
  10. alto

    alto Member

    These are all fantastic scapes - pack any one of them up & send express delivery please :D

    Congratulations to everyone that scaped

    & a HUGE thanks to all the organizers & contributors
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  11. Greenfinger2

    Greenfinger2 Member

    Hi All, Had A fantastic day and really enjoyed doing a Hardscape live on the day. My Highlight of the day was making a Wabi-Kusa ball with Jurijs :D

    Thank you to the Ukaps team for all there hard work putting on a wonderful event :clap::clap:

    Bring on next year :playful:
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  12. Ryan Thang To

    Ryan Thang To Member

    hello all. was a amazing day and got to see lots of ukaps member. thank to ukaps and stu
  13. zozo

    zozo Member

    Well who am i, just a beginner when it comes to scaping, but still doesn't say i'm not seeing things.. No.1 is a perfect Moss, Bucephalandra and other plants able to grow lithophytic as they would and do in nature scape. Looking at it that way, it would even planted be able to be judged as a number 1 scape.. Actualy never seen a exclusively lithophytic setup scape till now. And i'm sure there are places enough on this planet where you find patches of nature with exclusively lithophytic growth.

    No.2 doesn't need plants, it needs a very nice deep ocre background lighting a school of Astyanax mexicanus and a slightly dimmed honey dew colored light from above.
    Then shot from the same angle like that it would be a jaw dropping Stalactite - Stalacmite cave scenery with the reflection from above. :woot: That's me.(i would hang it to a sump with plants to keep it running top)

    All of them :clap::clap::clap: only number 4 makes go a bit o_O and makes me dizzy, but never mind that's just me too, Mr. not yet scaped zip to impress.. :shy::spam:
    Last edited: 9 Mar 2016
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  14. Richard H

    Richard H Newly Registered

    What an amazing day, from seeing these scapes take place live to the seminar talks. I learned so much. Looks like I joined up at just the right time. Thanks to all who organised and took part.

  15. Andy D

    Andy D Forum Moderator Staff Member

    All really great scapes but I think the right scape won. The first one really is superb.

    Greenfinger2 and Ryan Thang To like this.
  16. Greenfinger2

    Greenfinger2 Member

    Hi Andy, It must of been hard for the judges No2 was a stunner too. Although No 1 was just an amazing scape.Great to watch these guys creating super scapes in 4 hours :cool:Looking forward to next year now. Hope you can make it next year mate :thumbup:
    Stu Worrall likes this.
  17. Andy D

    Andy D Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Roy, my lift is already sorted so just need the date!
    Stu Worrall and Greenfinger2 like this.
  18. Jur4ik

    Jur4ik Member

    Hey everybody,
    just wanted to say THANK YOU to all organizers, participants and visitors of the event.
    It was a fantastic experience for me, I'm honored of being able to speak in front of you and making the 4th rank in the challenge.
    Big extra THX to Roy who allowed me to stay at his place ;)
    From my point of view both #1 and #2 totally deserved their rankings, it was a hardscape only contest and we were told the judging will not include any possible planting.
    Looking forward for the next event.
    Richard H, Stu Worrall, Bacms and 3 others like this.
  19. Greenfinger2

    Greenfinger2 Member


    Hi Jurjis, You are welcome to stay anytime mate glad you enjoyed your stay :) Nice to have met you and be able to chat about Wabi-Kusa :D I am growing on the little W-K we made together at the event we will see how it go's ;)

    Speak soon my friend :thumbup:
    LondonDragon likes this.

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