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UKAPS Calender 2009

Dan Crawford

21 Jun 2007
Daventry, Northants
Hi guys, i've had it priced up and I have to order in bulk, it's over a grand believe it or not, we don't have a grand in the bank :lol: Apple's iPhoto calendars are £15 plus P+P.
It's up to people to submit their own scapes in this thread, if you guys are happy to pay up front and we have 12/13 scapes submitted then i'll get to work.


6 Aug 2008
Basingstoke. Hants
should we not create 14 threads. January, Feb ETC for picture posting 1 for the front cover and one for as a 2010 Background.

Rules on how the pics need to be im taking it is Front need enough space for UKAPS 2009 on the picture in a relitively neutal area

As to the 12 months we could do it 2 ways. Picture then a white sheet with the dates below or have it embedded as shown by Steve UK

If so then pictures to be submitted with enough space for the dates (Maybe alternating from left to right each month???)

Finally back cover as a faded background with the full 2010 calender on top.

Just some thoughts to get this rolling. Put a cut off date on the submiting of photos and then poll the best 5 of each post for a voted decision. Done.....

PS. You will need to replace enough space with the correct dimensions (Maybe submit the UKAPS logo and Date Template so it can be photoshopped by the creator to help sizing and final look.
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