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UKAPS Donations


21 Feb 2008
With the upgrade UKAPS incurred a few extras costs, also due to allowed upload of photos we recently had to increase the size of the package to have extra disk space which means our monthly costs have algo gone up a little.

I have enable the Donations subscriptions if you want to contribute and this just makes it nice and simple to do so, off course you can cancel at any time and you are not oblidged to do so.

If you would like to contribute on a regular basis to UKAPS which is run entirely on donations and sponsorships and where some members like myself dedicate some of their spare time to make UKAPS possible and a friendly and welcome place for all.

The option is available under the user menu:


Then you will get the options to donate.

Alternatively, you can just send a PayPal donation to: donate@ukaps.org

Many thanks and much appreciated your support.



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£5 Donated for Red Root Floaters from this post https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/red-root-floater.64109/ Also paid for postage as the @Raws69 also threw in some more cuttings of their other plants at my request. Got waaaaayyyyyy more than I bargained for of very healthy plants. My only worry is mine is a low tech tank and a few of the species are "Medium" plants. How long can I resist blowing the cobwebs off the co2 equipment to keep these plants in this condition. :eek::D
Hi everyone, some people seem to find it hard to get to the donate button or options. I just updated the thread so state that:

Alternatively, you can send a PayPal donation to: donate@ukaps.org (if it pops up as Dan Crawford he is the admin of the PayPal account).

Many thanks
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