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Understanding water quality for shrimp


4 Feb 2010
Hi people

I have NO idea about any specifics when it comes to tds KH GH PH

I couldn't tell you any of my water details but I'm guessing its pretty hard as I get a fair bit of build up on the glass as water evaporates and from other ppl moaning about hard water on here that aren't to far from me.

Please treat me as what I am. A complete newbie. Basic terminology and plenty o matrix references please ;) haha

I want to in the near future keep and breed some of the more finicky types of shrimp and or keep apisto's possibly a wild variant.

What do I need to know
What do I need to measure these things
What's the meaning of life
How do I poach an egg



22 Aug 2011
Hey mate, I'm pretty clueless about the above but I've been successful with my shrimp since using a mix of ro and tap water. I got myself a tds pen and a ph pen and match the water change water mix to the tank water. I will add if I was going to try the more sensitive shrimp again I would use a substrate like ebi gold fresh water shrimp sell this and I think whitey uses it so could give more info and I would definately use ro remineralised, oh and poaching an egg a little vinegar in the water works for me :)