Unsure on which light to get


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19 Sep 2020
Hey all hope you are well.

I have been given my neighbours tank after their single goldfish went into my koi pond, looking at cleaning it out and setting up as my first properly planted tank, its somewhere between 40 and 50 litres but has no lighting in the lid at all, lid dimensions are 35cm left to right, 6cm tall and 16 front to back, it does taper to the sides so I was looking at something like this. (amazon link doesn't appear so attached screen shot)

I know it will be fine for the fish, but want to know if the lighting will be enough for the plants to thrive too, not planning on any CO2 injection, plants are mostly likely going to be anubias petite, java moss and java fern, some s repen along the floor of the aquarium and some taller plants I have yet to decide on, I have tetra complete substrate already from an old project as the main base plus a light/white sand over the top.

any suggestions or input on both the light and any plant suggestions would be great, thank you in advance.


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