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USB interface for Eheim Pro3e 2078


5 Jul 2016
Any of you tried eheim usb interface with 2076/2078 ?
I have trouble finding the slot for TTL cable to insert.
any ideas?
Did you solve this Madhav? I've previously had it working on my 2078 and I'm doing my monthly filter clean on Monday so I can take some photos of the location of the input socket if you like?

The filter is in a cabinet so I can't really take any photos of it until then - the socket is inaccessible.

For what it's worth I thought the software was pretty useless and I only connected it up once!
Here you go. If you're looking at the front of the filter, the socket is on the left hand side, at the back, just above the grey release clasp.

It's covered by a little black cap which might be why you're struggling to find it!

Hope this helps.

You're welcome.

Yeah I'm really disappointed with the software, it constantly hangs and crashes and obviously wasn't tested at all. The worse part is you have to pay through the nose for a special USB lead which you use once and then discover is next to useless!

I've recently been experimenting with the 12-hour bio mode (12 hours high turnover, 12 hours low turnover) but I found that the time of the transition between the two modes seems to fluctuate randomly by up to half an hour. I spoke to Eheim UK support who basically told me there's no fault with my unit and that's how it works. How on earth a £400 filter which presumably contains an electronic clock can keep such poor time is beyond me. I'll think twice before buying any more Eheim products.