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Utricularia Graminifolia going white


New Member
16 May 2020
Hi Guys,

I'm a newbie in the Beautiful world of Aqua Scaping as Green Aqua says. Big fan of it all, watching numerous videos online for months.

Had planned my own build for ages and finally built my first scape yesterday morning.

The whole process was great, looked really good until experiencing a avalanche with the substrate when putting water in (slowly and carefully onto a flat plastic bag at the front of the tank) which resulted in my sand-pathway disappearing! Half the carpet plants getting covered or simply floating into the water! Disaster! :(

I quickly re-planted the carpet plant UG where ever i could and basically tried fixing it. (Image Attached)

But now a day later, the UG is turning white! it doesn't look healthy to me?? I just realised its also a Advanced Tropica category carpet plant, so should i remove it Asap??
Also I've probably got a load of UG stuck under the substrate during the avalanche disaster! Are they ok to be left under there? Not sure i should disturb the whole layout now, might do more damage than improve it all.

Planted Littorella Uniflora along the border of soil and sand and all along the pathway, some are still visible. Looked great prior to adding water, should have taken a photo of it!

Any help would be greatly appeciated.

Update today: I have now ordered a Tropica System 60 CO2 kit and another easy category carpet plant.




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