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vision 180


Thread starter
15 Mar 2009
Hi Nick,
Thanks for your comments,
The tank is 260 ltrs and has the standard t5 lighting.
I have eco complete at both ends with tetra complete under the sandy bit in the middle.
The tank is filtered with the fluval 305 external and 2 eheim ecco 200 pro externals.
I dose easycarbo and profito daily and the tank is also well stocked with fish,
6 Discus, cardinals, rummynose, harliquins,oto,s,a pair of bristlenose, assorted cory,s, a male betta and some cherry shrimps.
Nothing hi-tech about the tank or plants that are too demanding, but i wanted a nice enviroment for the Discus and didn,t want to go down the bare bottom tank route, and although a bit more work, it,s worth it.
As for the Tiger Lotus, i,m still unsure on that one but will wait and see.