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Discussion in 'Hinterfeld' started by mooncake, 25 Jun 2018.

  1. mooncake

    mooncake Member

    25 Apr 2018
    South East
    I submitted a message querying this on the Hinterfield website a few weeks back, but I still haven't had a reply as of yet so I was wondering if anyone here could help.

    Excuse the potential stupid question, but these two outlets look identical to me yet there's £5 difference between them. The only thing is that the more expensive is labelled as UK. Am I right in thinking that they are the same product (once 13mm option is selected), it's just that the (UK) labelled one will ship from the UK warehouse so there'll be a guarantee of no customs fee. But, since the threshold for paying customs tax is £15 then there should be no tax on the cheaper pipe anyway, if that's all I'm buying, is that correct?
  2. kadoxu

    kadoxu Member

    24 May 2016
    Kingston Upon Thames
    Yes, they're the same.

    Products they already have in their UK warehouse are usually a bit pricier, but the waiting time will usually be reduced. Everything else has to be shipped from China and takes longer to arrive.
  3. lucaz koh

    lucaz koh Member

    17 Apr 2018
    United Kingdom
    Speaking from experience, it seems products labelled UK still come from China (my RGBs did with tracking).

    Perhaps it just helps avoid customs tax?

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