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Warning: Win PC Antivirus (actually malware)

Simon D

22 Sep 2008
I know of a few people that have been infected with this malware (me included). Alledging that your computer has infections and trojans. Looks like a legit Windows program.


WinPC Antivirus is a rogue program from the same family as WinPC Defender. This program is advertised through the use of malware that displays fake security alerts and pop-ups on your computer. These alerts state that your computer is infected and that you should download and install WinPC Antivirus in order to clean your computer. Once the program is downloaded and installed it will be configured to start automatically. When it is started it will scan your computer and display a variety of infections on your computer. The files it states are infections, though, do not actually exist on your computer. They are only being shown to you to try and convince you that you are infected so that you purchase the program.

When the program is running you will also continue to see a variety of security alerts on your computer. One alert pretends to be a firewall alert stating that your computer is sending sensitive information to a remote host. Another alert states that a self-replicating file was found and that you need to remove it with WinPC Antivirus. All of these nag screens are being shown for one purposes; to scam you into thinking you are infected with false information so that you purchase the program. Instead of purchasing the program, please ignore the warnings and instead use the removal guide below in order to remove this infection and the malware that promoted it.


The cure is to have a look at: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-winpc-antivirus
I just ran the Malwarebytes' anti-malware software (FREE) I have a friend that removed it in a different manner but it took him hours.

I hope you don't get this problem, but if you do, I hope this helps.


18 Apr 2008
Glad I'm using Linux

But a friend got caught with some thing similar a couple of weeks ago. Had to sort it out for him. Think it was the same software that got rid of it