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25 Jan 2012
We went with the digital one
Hmmm my last two softeners before Twintec were digital. Nice as can see on display how much water to go before regeneration etc etc,

First failed as water & electronics don't go together and no spares available after only 4 years (Canterbury brand, 1999-2003), but was only £300.

2nd one (Water Wizard, £500) failed due to valves wearing out and no spares (2003-2007). Crap but clever idea design as used plastic rods with grooves sliding in an out to control water flow, except the end sealing washers wear out as they need to contain water pressure one side against air the other and then they leak water onto electronics.

Both times whilst investigating the Pro's, the fitters, the installers, all shops say you must buy Kinetico, Twintec, Coleman, Harveys or Crown as all come with 10 year guarantee and no electrics (actually all designed by same person/company), but did I listen....as £1000 or more was too much at the time. They were absolutely right in the end. Spent nearly that in 1999-2007 on two mistakes. My parents have a Crown softener that had issues after 17 years and guy came, changed valve and all working again and that was many many years ago.
13 Feb 2020
Hmmm my last two softeners before Twintec were digital

I honestly do not have much knowledge on water softeners. There was a deal on the EWT gold series 606 water softener so we went with that one. I don't know how it compares to other softeners. It could be good or it could be complete rubbish, all i know is it has done what it was supposed to for the past 5-6 years with no problem at all. Who knows how it will hold up over the next few years.

I know that the softened water is bad for plant health but do you know if it has any negative effects on fish health?

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