We have the Nemo Light in our category already

Discussion in 'Hinterfeld' started by Hinterfeld.com, 10 Mar 2017.

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    27 Aug 2016
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    We have the nemolight in our category already.

    For UK customer, please check out this link

    For other countries, please check out this link below

    Nemolight Aqua Fresh / Aqua Marine Series have 18W, 36W, 54W and 72W for different aquarium lengths. Aqua Fresh is especially designed for planted aquarium, which consist of mostly white LED and some blue, green and yellow LED to help plant photosynthesis and its growth. Aqua Marine is especially designed for marine reef or fish aquarium.

    General Features

    - Unibody design with whole aluminum housing
    - 12.5mm thin, slim & exquisite looks
    - No fan, quite working
    - Made-up with high quality 0.5 watt SMD white, blue, red, green LEDs
    - Built-in controller with timmer & dimmers to simulate Daylight & Moonlight (two modes of lights)
    - External UL approval power supply with DC24V output to ensure safety operation
    - Adjustable bracket for easy mounting on different size tanks
    - Removable parts, easy maintenance
    - One-year full warranty

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  2. J Lecourt

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    24 Mar 2018
    I have purchased this LED a month ago. I does look good but stopped working properly after a week. The side LEDs stopped and now the timmer is not working anymore. I have contacted the customer service three times in a week with no answer from Hinterfeld. So far, my feedback is DO NOT BUY the nemolight fresh.

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