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weird life form found in my tank.


Thread starter
7 May 2009
Sunnyvale, CA
I'm not sure about bengal loaches, but my yoyo loaches do dig deep into the soil and appear to be searching for any treasure (snail eggs?) underneath.

one disturbing comments that I have heard, is there's no way to destroy all the snail eggs as they are hidden deep in the tank and always in multiplication mode. It can be controlled by deploying natural predators such as loaches, but not a complete clean up unless I bleach the entire tank.


27 Dec 2008
A small number of snails is quite healthy in any tank so personally I wouldn't worry to much about them. The only time that they reach infestation proportions is when there is enough food to go around so unless you are overfeeding or not removing rotting or decaying organic matter like dead leaves, which you should be doing to keep ammonia down, you shouldn't have any real problem.

I agree that if there is a lot of them it can look unsightly but its also a good indicator of the above problems.

On the plus side because they eat decaying organic matter they are benificial to the overall ecology of the tank.

If you keep your hardness levels down then they have trouble forming their shells (mainly calcium) and therefore become much easier for the predatory fish to eat.

I have also found that by keeping the front glass spottlessly clean even if there is a lot of snails in the tank very few like the clean glass and show a marked preferance for other uncleaned surfaces leaving the viewing plane relativly snail free.

Mostly though I just try to ignore them (ramshorn snails) and take solace in the fact that they are actually helping me rather than hindering me. Pond snails however get crushed on site these really can be a menace if left to get out of control.

Regards, Chris.