Welcome to the jungle?

Discussion in 'Planted Tank Gallery' started by BoneyT, 13 Feb 2020.

  1. BoneyT

    BoneyT Newly Registered

    11 Feb 2020
    Title: Welcome to the Jungle


    Dimensions: 149Lx60Dx41W

    CO2: Diffuser at a rate of 3bps

    Filtration: Betta Choice 2000 UV Canister Filter, 2 X Eheim skim 350's

    Lights: Superfish Retro LED Combi & Superfish Retro LED Bright

    Photo Period: 2PM - 9PM

    Fertilisation: EI Daily

    Substrate: Tetra Complete Substrate & Gravel, root tabs

    Hardscape: none

    Flora: Bacopa Caroliniana, cryptocoryne beckettii, saururus cernuus, alternanthera cardinalis,Hemianthus Callitrichoides, Pogostus Erectus, Limnophila Hippuridoides, Hygrophila 'Siamensis 53B', MonteCarlo, Murdania Keisak, Limnophila Sessiflora,Rotala Indica Red, eleocharis parvula, Echidorus Blaherae, Lobelia Cardinalis, HZ

    20 neon tetras, about a dozen shrimp and 3 assassin snails

    Full disclosure... I don't know what I'm doing.

    Tank is 5 months old, next project is to increase the spray bar to cover the length of the tank

    Then because of the poor co2 output I am getting from the diffuser I will replace it with @foxfish 's DIY co2 reactor

    I am having an issue with red plants not being red enough, The rotala Indica is meant to be red but is completely green, I assume this is because its not getting enough light.

    The carpet was added at Xmas, so is now 6 weeks old and it should have grown more but again I assume its suffering from a light deficiency due to it being such a deep tank and also overshadowing from other plants.

    This is only my 3rd ever tank, had a 90L then a 125L and now this is roughly 360L so its a bit of a step up in size, this is also my first attempt at a planted tank.
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  2. Heatybob

    Heatybob Newly Registered

    9 Feb 2020
    North West
    I'm a total nobber tbh so cant advise but I can say I like it, well done.

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